Thursday, August 30, 2007

Are Online Courses Extinct??

So college started this week, Wednesday, to be exact. Already I'm feeling overwhelmed, and have only had two classes. See I have to take 5 courses this semester (not a big deal), 3 of which are either EDUC or ENED, and 2 LIT courses. Well I am trying to find online LIT courses so that I don't have to be up to the college late at night MTW. I could change my schedule so that I was there earlier in the morning, but this is the first semester I have had where I don't have to wake up at a SUPER early just to make it to class, and I DON'T want to give it up, but I also don't want to be there MWF or at college until 7:30-8:30 at night. So because I realized this so late, I am having trouble finding classes, as all other colleges have already begun. So I am hoping that I can take independent study courses offered by ESC, and have them count. Work at my own pace, but be done by the end of this semester. See if I don't get these lit courses done than I have wait to do my Student Teaching-and I WANT to graduate in June. Although I have thought I could take them then do my student teaching in the fall, that way it would be less stressful with the wedding and all, but NAHHH..I'm getting married in 2008 and not putting it off or changing it anymore, DARN IT! So there's my college saga, and it's only the first week. GOOOOO ME!! :)

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