Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"New" Dog

Nick and I have "new" dog. Today we went up to grandma and grandpa Trask's to visit and shovel off the roof, and brought Austin with us. When we dropped Austin off at the house we ended up bringing home Stergis with us. Now our house is small and two dogs were enough, but oh well. I mean Stergis is MY dog, and should be with us, but because of the fact that he was a large dog we, and we are renting we didn't bring him with us. So now we have three dogs and one cat. I have to laugh though because today up to grandma's Aunt Miss asked "how many dogs do you have?!" and I was like 2, I guess I spoke to soon! lol. I'm sure we'll be posting pictures of the "newest" yet oldest addition to our family soon!

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