Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Interview & Job

On Monday August 4th I had an interview with DCMO BOCES for the ELA (English language arts) instructor position they had open. I went in and was all smiles, answered the questions, joked a little bit..basically was myself. I thought the interview went well when I was done, but it was hard to tell because it was a "typical" interview. They asked questions that I hadn't prepared for, and so I was thinking on the spot and giving the answers that came to my mind first....At the end of the interview the principal let me know that they would be deciding in a couple days and would call either way. So Wednesday I come home and there is a message on the machine from the principal saying they are checking references and couldn't get a hold of one of mine. So I finally got that whole thing figured out and was just waiting. I figured it must be a good sign that they are checking my references, and hoped for the best. Then about 4 hours later (4:30ish) I had a phone call and the caller ID said BOCES. I was nervous, picked up the phone and it was the principal. She didn't sound too happy so I was like DARN IT! then she offered me the position and I was very unprofessional and started laughing and saying OHHHH MY GOOOOODNESS! so she asked if that meant I accepted...and I said ......yes! So I now have a full time teaching job lined up for this year and hopefully it will turn into a tenure position (after two years) and I like it...no no no..LOVE it :) But as for the details of the job (grade level, classes, etc) they are still being worked out.

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