Monday, November 24, 2008

Breast Pump!

I have to share this! I had two breast pumps: one rented from the hospital and one that was given to me by a friend. The hospital one really would be a pain to take with me to school, and only runs on electric. The other one is both electric and battery, but takes a lot longer to pump with. They are both medela brand, which is really good, but I wanted something that wouldn't take 20 minutes or more and could be brought into school. I was looking online and found the newest medela customer pump for $350 on OUCH! This is what I want though because it has the 2 stage system (like the original one I used in the hospital) that mimics a baby feeding, it expresses the milk faster, and is portable! If only it were cheaper...

Of course once we find something we find a way to get it, right? Well I did an internet scourer where I searched up and down for an affordable medela advanced pump. Low and behold the great eBay has it! I found one that I was trying to bid on with 24 minutes left at $40, but my internet went down! 45 minutes later the internet is back and running, and I have to check how much it sold for......... $70 + 20sh =$90 total! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I was so angry at the internet just then. I keep searching eBay...I find one that is $45 with 3 hours left. It jumps to $85.99 with 1 minute left...I bid $100 with 30 seconds remaining.. Someone tries to outbid me, and it ends with a winning bid of $94. Meet the new owner of the breast pump! Shipping and handling is $20, BUT eBay has a 10% off coupon, so the total purchase price of my breast pump is $104!!! I got a $350 pump WITH EXTRAS for $104!!! Not to mention the other money I will save once I sell the medela pump that I have now. I'm so excited to get it and try it out. If worse comes to worse I'll just put it back up on eBay. I LOVE EBAY!

Oh I should mention...the breast pump is brand new, not even used!

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