Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm so addicted to....all the things you make...

I'll admit it. I have a problem. It is in the form of crafts. I have always LOVED crafts and crafty things, and now I have found my ultimate weakness: I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Already I have a bunch of things in my cart (mostly patterns). I just have to say that if you are thinking "hmm what should I get Crystal or Calla for blah blah blah?" well I'm sure you can find something on Etsy that we would absolutely love. I am even thinking of starting my own etsy. I thinking about selling the leg warmers I make, but I have to come up with a cute name for them. The next 2 items on my list to make is a shopping cart cover and a stacking toy for Calla. I also want to make some books for her. I did find out Etsy a vendor that will sell a book kit, which would be cool, but I could definitely make it for less money. Enough jibber jabb...go explore the addicting world of Etsy!

What do you think??

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