Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jokes on me!

Something very funny happened to me today. I went to lunch and when I came back to my room the lights were off and there were kids in it. (typical-they seem to always beat me to class from lunch....what can I say they love English...yea right!) The strange thing was that the students moved my reading nook to the front of the room. Silly boys! Then I look around my room a little more, and OMG! They reversed ALL the desks, tv, microwave, my desk with Julie's, the garbage, etc. I just started CRACKING up! I couldn't help it. They must have been in there all lunch working on it.

I had to give them credit they did a really good job. The even better part is that it messed with the students that entered the class that weren't involved in the prank. Just thought I'd share that little joke that was played on me today. I guess I've officially been hazed by the students....So now I'm accepted, right?

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