Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Father's Day Excitement

Calla made Nick a picture for Father's Day and we framed it. Her very first picture. :) After hanging around the house for the day we headed over to Nick's parent's house to deliver Pat's gift. On our way there Nick was driving and saw something. He asked if I saw it, and I said no. So he backed up and and pointed to the ditch. There was a little fawn. It looked so scared and like it had JUST been born. It wasn't very strong. I was trying to get Nick to let us bring it home with us because the mother wasn't around. He said no and put it back. He reassured me the mother was around there some place and it would be fine


We went down to Nick's parent's and had dinner then headed home. All night and the next day I was worried about this little one. I finally convinced myself that it was ok and the mother came back for it.

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