Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy Bee

Things have been pretty busy around here. We are trying to get ready for Bug's 1st Birthday. On Saturday we went to shopping and then to a pumpkin patch. Besides that we have been trying to get the house ready. We still need to finish our bathroom, but I don't think we will get to that before the party. It doesn't really matter either, because I doubt people will be using the master bath.

We did get the furniture all moved into the old living room, which is the NEW family room. Nick mounted the TV (a little high for my liking) and we are good to go. Wait! Did I mention that we can't get the Dish to come through now? We had to move the box to the new family room and it was working then we hooked it up the way we wanted it and it stopped! What the heck!?! So that is what Nick was working on pretty much all afternoon and into the night. And it is what Nick will be working on when he gets home tonight. There is stuff everywhere from re-arranging and I'm not done. It is driving me nuts, but not nuts enough to stop writing and go work on it.

I am working on a few handmade gifts for Bug's for her birthday. One of which is a doll (a new pattern) and a stuffed horse. I also am making her a skirt and appliqued shirt. I have to get the shirt, but I have the skirt finished. I altered the design a little; instead of putting pockets on the front I made a ruffle flower. Here's a peak at what I have finished so far...

Her birthday crown.

Her birthday skirt.

I made this bow holder for her awhile ago, but haven't gotten around to posting it. I have to get my butt making some more bows for her. More bows will be a birthday gift :)

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