Sunday, January 24, 2010

I heart CL!

Today Nick, FIL, and I went to pick up our most recent Craigslist purchase: a hutch and sideboard. I have BIG plans for these two pieces. I was searching my local CL furniture adds (as always) and found these two beauties: 
(I'm using the photos from CL)


What do I have in mind for these?

For the hutch: I am going to sand it down, paint it black, and get some nice glass knobs to go on it and place it in the dining room. (I will do a post on the look I am going for in the dining room soon!)

For the sideboard: I am going to paint it an off-white and antique it, and this baby is going to be our new TV stand in the living room! This means that the TV will come off the wall (a battle I have been fighting for a LONG time) and be an appropriate eye level. Here's what I'm thinking for the paint/antique-ing look:

I probably will paint the knobs on ours black, but you get the idea.
I found this on one of my newest blog obsessions: Better After. I have to suggest that you take a peak over there and see all the projects that people have done! They do look so much better after. Hardy, har, har.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that we bought BOTH these pieces for $75! The lady we originally bought them from wanted $120, but we were able to get them down to $75! Do I feel guilty for practically stealing these from them? Ummm.....NO! They were loved at their old home, and now they will striped of everything that they once were only to become better than they could ever imagine themselves being. (Yes, I'm personifying the furniture; shouldn't have feelings too?!)

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