Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Catching Up To Do...

This is another post of things that I have made in the past couple of months, but didn't get around to taking pictures or and posting until now! Sometimes I'm so bad about that!

A Valentine's inspired piece I made from a sweatshirt I scored at Wal*Mart on clearance, some Muslin, and some free pink knit I got off of freecycle! (I love freecycle) It looks so much cuter now that it has been washed and the muslin is frayed around the edges just like I had wanted it to!

Then there is this beauty. I used some Rustoleum spray paint for this and LOVE IT! This table was given to me by my "adopted" family because I used to sleep under it when I was little. It needed a little sanding down and refinishing and I thought the red was too good to pass up (remember my living room plans?! I'm slowly but surely getting to only get rid of that nasty blue carpet)

A dolly diaper for Bug's waterbaby! I actually made this and another one on Tuesday. I made the mistake of making the first one, this one, out of knit fabric...what a pain in the butt! I think it still came out pretty cute though. I took a piece of paper and cut out a general diaper pattern then measured, trimmed, measured, trimmed, and voila! Here's another look....


As you can see I messed up the velcro part. I accidentally placed the velcro on the insides of both the front and back (DOH!). I was too lazy to rip it out so I just fixed it by sewing some more on the front. Bug doesn't know the difference...and I learned my lesson because the next one that I made was PERRRRRFECT!


This is an oldie (pre-Thanksgiving). It's a pocket bib I made for Bug. I took the design from the ones you see in Target and Wal*Mart and made my own. I made the hubba bub hold the bibs in the middle of an isle while I took a picture with my cell phone of the construction of them. (Have I told you how much I love him?!) The fabric is regular quilting cotton, but it has fusible vinyl I found at JoAnn's on it. Before I found that I was just planning on using some oilcloth. 

This is a lovie I made Bug for a stocking stuffer for Christmas from a pattern off of this site.  I also made one for Bug's cousin, Morgan, in a red and yellow. Morgan's theme has been ladybugs since she was born, and I couldn't find any black minky fabric. I knew that she liked yellow, so I figured the red and yellow would be ok, although I still haven't heard if she likes it or not! *hint hint* Bug's is pink and green because those are the colors of her room. She loves to cuddle with this and wrap her baby dolls in it. She's such a good little mommy. :)

I told you I had a lot to catch you up on. 
There is something really exciting in the works going on at the C&N c{o}. household that I can't wait to share with you, but it is taking longer than expected to "finish". Once I do though, you can bet your bottoms that you'll be the first ones to know/see! Want to see a peak??

Any guesses??

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