Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Ol' Days

When I was younger we used to make apple cider every year. The whole family would get together and we'd churn out the cider. It was an all day event, if I remember correctly, but it was well worth the time it took. I can remember getting excited as the day approached that we would do cider. Not only because it meant extra playmates for me, but also because I loved that fresh goodness that poured out the wooden V into the containers. The press that we used has been in the family for what seems like forever. It was made by my great great great (I think 3 greats, but could be more) uncle. It is all wooden and I'm sure by now is a bit rickity but would still do the trick just fine.

Earlier this week we went apple picking down to the neighbor's and up here to make apple cider this weekend. We filled up a large 50gallon drum with these beauties. Here is one that was just too good to let go without making a blog debut before meeting its cider fate:

Then on Saturday we all gathered down the road (at their house) and made some delicious cider. The cider press is half handmade by our neighbor and his friend that comes and does cider every year with them and half bought. Here are just a few pictures of the event...I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking more! Chalk that one up to another lesson learned...

 The Hubba-Bub was in charge of filling the apple shredder. The shredded apple bits fall into the barrels lined with a bag (You can't see because of the guy in the white shirt) and once full is slid down to where the other barrel is.

The left side of the photo (all the wooden parts) were handmade and the right side (metal parts and barrels) were bought and are vintage. Once the apple shred fill the barrel and the barrel has been slid to the right side of the "machine", then the boys went to work spinning that handle round and round as it lowers a press and squeezes the juice out.

 The juice comes out the bottom and flows out the spigot. The flow out of this spigot is weak because it was towards the end of the pressing.

The guys just hanging out as the last batch presses out completely.

We got a total of 14 gallons to split among the three of us. Our freezer has some juicy goodness awaiting Christmas, one in the fridge now, and one sitting on the kitchen windowsill readying itself for fermentation (Hubba-Bub's idea).

The best part of the day is when I would fill my cup with the cider coming fresh from the spigot and drink it. I would be brought back to the days of my childhood and couldn't help by feel that warm smile in my heart and belly.
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Des said...

Wow! Amazing Shots! :-)
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Would ♥ to hear from you too! ^-^

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RE - Pod313 Tech Tips said...

wow crystal that looks like so much fun. pressing cider is a great family activity. we have an old waterwheel cider mill here that crushes apples and makes cider. then makes apple butter, donuts, apple preserves; and any matter of apple goodies. it's only open for a short time each fall and the wait is long for the fresh delicious cider. but always welll worth it.

I suggest you put that cider in a dark place in a glass jar with a screw on lid for maximum fermentation and trust me (wink*wink) come christas you'll be oh so merry.

I stopped by from the Mingle Monday blog hop. I'm also a new follower on your google widget so I'll be looking for your face too.

cheers !

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

Yum! I love fresh apple cider. :)
I am also working on a 365! Cannot wait to see more of your photos!
I am a new follower from Mondays blog hop.

Mrs. A said...

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Hi! New follower from Mingle Monday :)

Gorgeous photos!

JenH said...

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Btw, Its so cool that you guys made your own apple cider! Looks like a really fun project!

Katie Adams said...

new follower from tag along tuesday! Those are awesome pictures! Great job!

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Johnnie said...

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Lil Bit said...

I remember getting apples from my grandma's house and my mom taking them home to peel and core for apple pies, apple sauce, and baked apples. YUM!!!

I'm following you from the Tuesday Blog Hop! Come stop by sometime! Lil Bits, Big World

The White Whimsies said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal, what an interesting weekend you had making or watching the cider being made. I bet it tasted delicious with those beautiful apples. Hi! New follower here from the Tuesday blog hop. Hope you get a chance to visit and follow my blog too. Can't have too many blogging buddies I always say. Thanks! Great black and white pictures too!

Sofia said...

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Stacia said...

What an awesome fall tradition. Found you via Trendy Treehouse & I'm so glad I did. It's always a good sign when you laugh at the first post you read (the stripper=naked toddler).
All the best.