Sunday, January 20, 2013

So, Now We're Adults?

October 2, 2012 we became adults. Not because we had a child, because in fact, we already had two, but because we bought a house!!! So that makes us adults now, right? Here's a breakdown of how it all happened:

Rewind to April 2012:

    We visit with my grandparents down in VA and do some house hunting while we are down there. We find a FANTASTIC house for a SUPER cheap price, but weren't feeling "it". You know, that feeling of "Okay, this is what we should do." I mean WE felt it but we didn't feel it was anything more than us really wanting it; no divine intervention there.

Fast Forward to May 2012:

  We returned home after our little southern break and I found myself thinking about the house NON-STOP! (Which is pretty normal for me-once I find something, I'm HOOKED!)  One day after picking up the girls from daycare I decided to take an alternate route not in the direction of home. While on that route I happened upon an ADORABLE little house for sale on what looked like 2+ acres and suddenly was flooded with emotion and an overwhelming since of "this is where you belong". Of course, I took that to mean in THAT house specifically, but no. We called about the house the next day and it went under contract the day I saw it. SAY WHAT!?!
   Then we met with a realtor and worked out what we thought would be our price range and looked at a couple of houses. Every house we saw I wanted. They weren't great, in fact, they weren't much at all, but each one had its own little quirks or personality that made it appealing to me. Again, we found a house that we thought would work for us. It was on the smaller side, but had 10 acres!!! By the time we decided on moving forward (2 days) an offer had already been put in by someone else and was accepted. Now, this house had been on the market for over a year, and all of sudden was HOT HOT HOT!! SAY WHAT!?!
   By now we are feeling quite discouraged and almost ready to throw in the towel, but we keep looking. We find some online that are above our initial price range go look at them. They aren't anything great and there were still 2 homes on my list that I wanted to look at that we hadn't.
   On a drive from Fritz's parents to my mom's on memorial day weekend we passed a house that we had known was for sale for the past two years or so. The house is gorgeous but WAY out of our price range. Last I looked it was listed for $235k (when it was first listed). It is a fair price for the house, but in today's market a bit out of touch (maybe). I look up the house on my phone and see that it is listed for $165k. WHOA! But still out of our price range... In setting up the next appointment with our realtor on what houses we are going to look at, we decide to just go with it and look at it (plus the realtor said she just dropped it down to $140k- but STILL WAY ABOVE OUR RANGE!)
   We go look the house and one other house I've had my eye on. It was a smaller house, set back from the road, and just about a 5 min drive from town, but it was listed at $140k (yikes!). It was cute on the inside, but I felt like we would outgrow it fast. The other house ($165k) HADN'T been reduced to $140k and was HUUUUUUGE!

Fast Forward to June 2012:

What would we do with all the space? We didn't want anything that big. We didn't need anything that big. Can we go back and look again? And our realtor thinks we can get it for HOW MUCH?! Okay, we're going to put in an offer....

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