Thursday, September 6, 2007

Today's Fiasco

So here's something interesting...
I was out in the garden today picking our glorious red tomatoes when all of a sudden I felt a prick! I pulled my hand back, looked at my finger (right middle) and sure enough I was bite by something. I thought I was stung by a bee, at least that's what it felt like. So I went to my car got my epipen just in case. I waited a little bit and it started swelling but not as fast as a normal bee sting. Something was off. I started to feel really dizzy and shakey, but didn't want to use my epipen because I wasn't sure what was really happening. I called DVH and they said to take Benedryl (I didn't have any), and I don't need to use my epipen unless I have a hard time breathing. Which I wasn't! I hung up and went and sat on the loveseat, but felt so disoriented, so I decided to call Terry at work. She wasn't able to come and get me so I drove myself to the Delhi Hospital. By the time I got there I was still a little dizzy, but most of it had worn off, and I was begining to feel normal again. I saw the doctor he said I was fine, and that it wasn't a bee sting, he thinks it was probably a garden snake, but that I am fine. What a day!!! So now my finger has no swelling, but two little bumps that are tingly to touch, and I am fine. All that just to find out it was probably a harmless snake. Who'da thunked?! But I'm telling you people, I sure didn't feel fine just after it happened!! But that's my day

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