Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Man's Best Friend Causes Insanity!!

Nick's parents left last week after Thanksgiving to go down to South Carolina for Pat's mother's heart surgery. Everything has went fine with the surgery. Since they have been gone we have had Tequila at our house (not the drink, but Nick's brother's female boxer) for a sleep over with Hemmi and Hoakie. They got along ok the first night, and then after that her and Hemmi were like two kids in a candy store! They are constantly playing with each other. His parents have 3 boxers total, and the other two were staying at their house, and Nick's aunt was coming down during the day and nigh to take care of them. Well long story short we ended up bringing the other two boxers up to the house with us last night. Noble idea, huh? (it was Nick's). Let me tell you how 3 boxers, 1 boxer-mutt, and 1 beagle with 1 cat and 2 humans mix in a TINY HOUSE!! They all got a long really well, and for Hemmi and Snowball(another female boxer) maybe a little too well. Hemmi fell in love, and wouldn't leave her alone, and she wouldn't stop teasing him. Once we got the dogs all calmed down something would happen and we were at square one again! Then it was time for bed. Now understand Hoakie and Hemmi normally sleep with Nick and I on our bed, and since Tequila was staying with us she found it upon her self to sleep with us too. Then Snowball thought it would be a good idea, but couldn't ever get comfortable and would trample all over everyone else. And chewy-well being the oldest, and wisest he decided he'd claim the dog bed. The night was a restless one of fighting for space in the bed, and maintaining peace among the dogs. All I have to say is..what was Nick thinking!?!

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