Thursday, December 6, 2007


I am so angry! Tuesday at college we were supposed to have a meeting on Student Teaching and find out our placements. Well as you may or may not know, Tuesday it was snowing really bad. I woke up at my reg time for Tuesday (6am) and Nick called to tell me not to go to class because the roads are BAD! So I was like ok. Then I remembered the meeting...So I emailed my professor telling her that I would probably be late, I have to wait for the snow plow to come through and then I am going to try coming. Long story short...I made it to college, and it only took an hour and a half!! haha!! So I call Nick at college to let him know where I am- and he's flippin mad, but whatever. I go to class 30 min late, and wait until 10 to come around so I can get my long awaited placements!!! about 9:50 a professor peaks her head in the door and asks if our professor if she got the announcement...NOPE! "The meeting is cancelled because Tom (Shannon) can't make it in" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I was fuming. The only reason that I tried so hard to make it to college that day was for the freaking meeting that was cancelled!! I still can't believe it! So now they (ed office) is scrambling to put together another meeting..we'll see how that goes :)

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