Friday, November 9, 2007

Yet another one...

Ok so I have been itching to start making money again, besides the occasional day at SFCU and random substitute teaching. What about Mary Kay or Princess House? Well the truth is they each have lost something for me. Don't get me wrong- I still love all the products both companies offer, but to sell them they each have their flaws that don't work for me. So why am I writing...well, I have been thinking about testing my feet in yet another direct sales business. I will leave it un-named for now until I make my decision. I am writing because I am sure that my friends and family are thinking or will be thinking, "what the heck- what happened to...", and that is fine. I have my own thoughts on it too, but am feeling a strong pull towards it. I have also decided that if I go through with the business I will not rely on my family to have my first few parties (the ones that get you started). I want to do it without their/your help, because they/you have already helped me enough in the past, and I don't want them/you to feel obligated or taken advantage of; so out of respect for the individual and my relationship with them I plan to do it on my own. With that said, I still am hesitant because of my past history, but think if I can get the shows lined up and agreed upon before I sign, then I will go for it and see where it takes me. Third times the charm--right?! We'll see what happens.

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