Monday, November 5, 2007

Email Problem

So I have been having trouble with my outbox in my email program for the past two weeks. I finally decided to call Dell. Long story short I had to reboot my computer to its factory settings. So before I did this I made sure I backed up all the necessary documents, or so I thought I did. I had all my college stuff, all the wedding stuff, some essential programs I downloaded, but I forgot MY PICTURES!!!!!!!!!! all the pictures I had are GONE!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't realize it until I was loading everything, and I went to go change our picture for the blog and was like, "OMG! WHERE ARE THE PICTURES!" then I realized I had forgotten to back them up! I am in shock still, but oh well-there isn't much I can do about it now. So I've been going around stealing pictures off of everyone else's sites :P. So if you see me around snapping pictures away...just ignore it, I'm trying to build my stock back up.

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