Friday, December 14, 2007

lia sophia!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have started selling lia sophia jewelry! (Crystal talking) Some of you might be thinking...what about Princess House, or Mary Kay? Well let me answer the question for you. I love the products both those companies had to offer, but PH was involved too much lugging around heavy pieces (seriously heavy pieces), and breakables!!! MK involved too much effort compared to the income. I am still selling MK on an as needed basis, and will be taking your personal orders- just not doing the parties. So I decided to try lia sophia. The amount of things you need to bring to a party is minimal, and LIGHT, and the company designs all the sales, and incentives, therefore making it easiest for me, your new advisor.And customers can place "direct orders" which means that if they don't want to have a party to order items, they don't have to!! How great is that?!

I have created a blog (of course) for my lia sophia business, and will be updating is frequently. I will also be creating a link to the blog on this page, as well as a link to my lia sophia web page. I am VERY excited about this opportunity, and know that with my upcoming schedule of student teaching I have made the right decision of finding a job where I can schedule my own time to work!! So check it out!!

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