Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Student Teaching!!!

I finally found out my placements for student teaching! Before I tell you though let me tell you another little story. So because of the whole mix up from last week we were supposed to find out Today in our methods class. Well wrong! They changed it at the last minute yesterday to have a meeting at 4:00, but they didn't let anyone know by email or anything...just word of mouth. So those of us who aren't up on campus like me....DIDN'T FIND OUT UNTIL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! So that was annoying, but enough complaining:) I found out my placements. There are two one for half the semester in a middle school and one for the other half of the semester in a high school, and they are BOTH in WALTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so excited!!! Not only because they are really close, but also because I don't have to travel to another school, it's all in ONE!!! HOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just thought I'd share my excitement :)

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