Sunday, March 16, 2008

A baby! (or maybe more!)

By now I'm sure you've already heard, but we are going to tell you again because of how excited we are....WE'RE PREGNANT! Well actually just me, Crystal, but you get it ;). This obviously wasn't planned, and we are still trying to figure out just exactly how it happened (we know how, but still dumbfounded), but we are welcoming to it nonetheless. We planned on trying after getting married, but I guess this is the universe's way of telling us that we can't always plan everything out to a T like we try to. We are just rolling with the flow now.

Here's the info for now as we have it:
We are anywhere from 5-7 weeks (We are thinking more along the 7 weeks)
If we are 7 weeks the baby's due date would be......OCTOBER......31!! Halloween baby!

And about the should still fit. I will only be 4 months and my dress was big before so hopefully I won't overgrow it :) I don't think I will though.

So now you have so much more to look at our blog news.

I have my first doctor's appointment this Friday and then I have another one the following week. I am guessing this week's will just be data collection, and then next week...I'm not sure..maybe something fun like listening to the heartbeat!

But what a year it will be for us...I'm graduating in May, Married in June and starting a family in October! Go big or go home, huh?!

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