Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last Day...

Today was my last day with the eighth graders. :( I'm definitely going to miss seeing them everyday, and especially working with Ellen. She has been fantastic. The nicest, sweetest, most helpful person anyone could ever ask for in a cooperating teacher! She knows her stuff- both in content and in terms of education! The day went really well, and I only had to stop myself from starting to cry about 3 times total: once when I read Ellen's card, again when Erin(student) gave me the card she made me and had everyone sign it, and a third time when I saw Erin at the end of the day. They really are such great kids! And they are so funny. I have to laugh at people who say bad things about that age group; as long as you give them respect (like with ANY age person) you will get respect in return. Looking back I am so pleased with everything that happened, and am looking forward to what will come in the high school. I am up for the challenge (which I think it will be)!

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