Friday, March 28, 2008


Take everything from the last post.....AND FORGET IT! I went to the doctor's today to follow up with last week....I got a phone call at 9:20 from Delhi saying the midwife ran off the road and I can reschedule for today in Cooperstown or I can wait until Wednesday and come back to Delhi. So I said I'd go to Cooperstown. I called them up and they said the only openning they had is at 11:30. SO I quickly called Terry (Nick's mom) to see if she would take me up there and to make sure the time was ok (it takes 1.5 hours to get here). So 10am came around and off we went.

I have been feeling REALLY nauseous for the past week, and talked to the doctor's and they couldn't make anything of it. So I went to my appointment and had more blood work done (that I've already had done) to find out my blood type and rH factor. Which we already knew was rH-. I got that done so that I could get my roGAM shot before I left for the day. (It takes awhile to process it and get the order in)

Then back upstairs I went for my exam and ultrasound. Before my exam the doctor asked me about my cycles and everything. I told her they are regular as in monthly, but irregular in dates they come. I had my exam no problem. Then it was time for the ultrasound. She's doing it and then says... "There's something there!" And said "It's about 6 weeks (6wk 3days)"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She did say that we have to be careful and we are going to take it week by week for now until everything. She even let me take home a picture. (which of course you can see below) She said that the time frame now could be because of my irregular menstrual dates, which makes her feel more comfortable, and that with the age of this week the baby was right on schedule with last week's ultrasound.

The confusion with last week is because they asked me when the first date of my last period was to determine the baby's age and due date. So I told them, and that equaled out to be 8 weeks. So it was basically a math error. I only had what the doctor's told me last week. We are so thankful that they were "wrong"!

What a roller coaster these past couple of weeks have been! We are asking that we stay in your thoughts and prayers that everything will continue to be fine.

It explains the nausea I was having!!! :) Now I just have to find a way to get through it.

The ultrasound doesn't show much because it is only 6 weeks, but it's our baby and a cute little pea pod!! :) :)

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Aunt Miss/Unc Em said...

Hi! Before I got to send you a congrats, I read your bad news blog. I'm so glad that everything's ok. Take it easy and eat really well for your little peanut! We're thinking of you!!!