Friday, April 18, 2008

9 weeks and looking as cute as ever!

Yesterday I had my doctor's appointment. I was supposed to have an ultrasound too, but that didn't get scheduled, and so they had to schedule it for today (friday). The doctor said that everything looks fine, but did give me a warning about my weight, and I tried explaining to her what was happening. Here's the background: pre-preggers I was 110lbs. but I didn't eat when I wasn't hungry and that meant usually only eating one meal a day with a couple snacks thrown in here and there. I honestly wasn't healthy, or eating healthy, but what did I care. So since being pregnant I have gained 10lbs putting me up to the whoping 120lbs. This is because I am eating regularly, I am not eating excessively or anything like that, but making sure I am eating regularly. And if I don't eat I get sick, so you tell me what I'm going to do. SO I tried explaining that now I am healthier than before, and mind you I am now within the average weight range for my height that I SHOULD have been PRE-PREGGERS, because before I was UNDERWEIGHT, but she's like well 10lbs is a lot; you can't keep gaining that kind of weight, and I was like REALLY?! BECAUSE I LOOK LIKE I HAVE NO COMMON SENSE! (ok well maybe I didn't say that to her, but I sure of heck was thinking it)

Other than that though everything went well. I found out an interesting tidbit I'll share with you. It probably is a little more information that you want, but who cares (stop reading then!) My uterus tips backwards. There are three possible positions it could lay, and mine leans back. It's not a big deal because as I get further along my body will push it forward, but just an interesting little fact. It can make hearing the hearbeat with a sonogram a little more difficult is what the doctor said, but other than that it's fine.

So that was yesterday. TODAY I got to see our peanut! Oh it is so cute. Really, I never thought I would be one of those people who would look at their ultrasound be like awww. I'm sure you are like oh a baby, but to me it's the cutest thing ever, of course I am biased. The ultrasound technician was the same guy from my very first doctor's appointment, where the whole mess started. So when he saw me he was a little shocked, and said "what are you having a miracle baby?" I was like um sorta. Then he was talking to me about what happened with that visit up to where we are at today. He was like "I'm surprised you even stepped foot back in here after all that, but today we're going to make up for being idiots before." So he printed off ultrasound pictures with 4 to a page, and gave me the extra special treatment of getting to hear the baby's heartbeat!!!!!!!! I can't even describe what that was like. I'm sure if you have a baby, and are reading this then you know, but for those who don' was more awesome than awesome. I wish that Nick was there to hear the heartbeat, but he had to work. I didn't think we were going to hear it until my next doctor's visit which is in 4 weeks, so I made it late in the day so that Nick could come along, but SURPRISE!

Well enough talking, I'll let you see the ultrasound pictures. All the pictures show the baby's head, arms and legs. On one of them I have used the computer to point it out, because I do understand that to some people (me once being one of them) can't tell a darn thing looking at them.

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