Sunday, May 4, 2008

A New Bowker!

Wednesday, April 28, 2008, I got a phone call while getting ready for school. It was Heath telling me that Jen is in the hospital and they think she will have the baby that day. I talked to Jen and told her I couldn't make it up to the hospital until around 2 so she would just have to keep the baby in until then (because I was going to be in the room and watch everything). So I left school earlier than planned and made it up there at around 12:45...she didn't have the baby yet. Around one the midwife came in and broke her water and said it could be anywhere from 2-4 hours before the baby is born. How exciting! But poor Jen. Oh she looked awfully uncomfortable. So around 3:15 I decide I need to go get something to eat otherwise I'm going to pass out or puke because of my blood sugar level. So I go down to the gift shop and get some peanuts then make a pit-stop at the bathroom (which took forever because I had to wait for a stinkin [literally] lady in the bathroom ahead of me) before heading back to the room. I get back to the room at around 3:35ish and everyone is in the room (nurse and midwife) and they are getting her ready. I was like whoa- they just said she was only 6-7cm before I left! So a couple minutes later and the midwife was ready to go...and so was Jen. She pushed for about 2 minutes and the baby was out! It's another boy :) Wyatt Shawn (I think that's how they're spelling Shawn :/ ). He was born around 3:50. It was AMAZING! He weighs 8.12 and is 20" long. and of course he is adorable, looking just like little Heath when he was born!

Now for a funny tidbit.

So Jen delivered him and the baby was put on her chest, but the umbilical cord wasn't cut yet...I start sweating really bad, and I know I have to sit down. So I sit down and just wait for it to pass, but it's not passing. I'm thinking, "great I'm going to pass out, don't let me pass out, please!!!" So I sit for the next 10 minutes (guesstimate) but it feels like hours. I start feeling better and then the midwife holds up the placenta to show everyone, and back to sweating I go. Only this time it's accompanied with a feeling of nausea. Heath turns around to me and says "are you ok?" I was like "yea- can I use that bathroom? I'm going to puke!" He's like "DEFINITELY!" so I go into the bathroom and dry heave, not actually puke, for about 2 minutes and then just sit paying respects to the white goddess that I've come to know so well lately. After a few minutes of that I walked back out and was fine.

I doubt I'll be passing out during my labor, but let's hope Nick doesn't follow in my footsteps. ;)

Congratulations to Heath, Jen, little Heath, and Caeden on the new addition to the family! He's absolutely precious!!!

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