Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Bump & Sex

Let me just say that so far if you look at me I might look like a have a little belly, but nothing more than some of the regular girls/ladies you see walking around on a daily basis. TO ME though my belly is huge! I can only image what I am going to think when I am ready to pop! So even if you say "oh you aren't showing" or "oh you are only showing a little" remember that to me it's a lot :) The biggest difference people have noticed are the lovely accompaniments of being pregnant: large breasts. I've been hearing "you have boobies!" and many more of the comments. It's really embarrassing when sitting at a table and all of sudden someone starts talking about my breasts infront of strangers. C'mon people! lol (really I'm just teasing, but it is embarrassing)

So now to the sex part...because I'm sure that caught everyone's attention. It also makes me wonder how many of decided to skip this post because you're like TMI (too much info). Lol. We are finding out the sex of the baby! Yes I know- "we are ruining the only great surprise left", but we can't wait :) And it WILL be a surprise when we find out on the 26th! So be looking for a post that day or the day after regarding the sex of the baby. And whether it will be Zoltan Conklin or Sunshine Conklin. (don't laugh- we're serious)

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