Monday, July 21, 2008

INTERNET!!! & more...

I just thought that we'd let you know a couple of things.....

1. We have the internet again! I cancelled the dial up a while ago because of how stupidly slow it was, but now we have HughesNet (satellite internet). So far it has been working really good so...YAY!!! WE ARE CIVILIZED AGAIN :)

2. We are still waiting to hear from the photographer about the pictures. If I don't hear from him by mid next week I am going to call him. He said it would take 4-6 weeks, and next Monday is 6 weeks. So we'll see what is going on with those.

3. I am switching "doctors". We are now going to Lourdes in Binghamton because of the driving distance and not having to go over the mountain and then Oneonta mountain. It is just all around easier. My first appointment is the 28th. I have to call to see if I can get an ultrasound that day too. We'll see how that goes.

Other than that not much else has happened. Summer school is going good. I applied at the Family Dollar to work part time. Just for some extra cash here and there. I have to go back tomorrow to take a computer test to see if I am competent enough for the job ;) lol. I applied to BOCES for a teaching position that they have open this fall (just mailed out everything today) so FINGERS CROSSED EVERYBODY!!! that will work out :)

I have been feeling the baby move for a while now, but she is really starting to become either a soccer player or a boxer. It's so funny because her movements are very strong. Little brute :)

I think I'll stop at that, but just wanted to let everyone know that now that we are civilized with the internet again I'll probably be posting more regularly.

Oh...and I have a confession....I'm addicted to craigslist!

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