Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Job!!

It's about darn time! :) So I "have" a job. In quotes because I haven't been officially approved by the board of ed yet, but it should all be A-OKAY! So what's the job you ask? Well it is only temporary (I take what I can get). I'm doing summer school for the elementary school as a 4th grade teacher. This might surprise some of you that know my schooling is in Adolescence Education (grades 7-12), and trust me it surprised me too. I'm excited about it though. School starts on Monday so we'll see how it goes. There are 7 students in my class so far. I'm excited about the whole thing, and up for the challenge of teaching a much younger age group than I am used to. Wish me luck!

As for a job during the regular school year: as of now it looks like I will be just substituting because of my certification won't be completed until after school starts, but we'll see.

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