Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Around the House...

Things are getting crazy around here. There is so much to get done, so little time, and funds. lol. Right now we are ripping up the carpet in the master bedroom to fix the floor then we have to get new carpet and lay that down. Once we have that done we can finally start working on the baby's room. It has been driving me nuts not being able to start yet. If I had my way I would have started 20 years ago (a little exaggeration)!!! I can't wait to start that. Then once we have the baby's room done it's onto the rest... (painting, new carpets, refinishing the floor, new bathroom floors & sinks, new counter-tops, finishing the mudroom) and the list goes on and on. I wish we were able to get it all done right now..but we can't and so I have to remind myself that once we do the baby's room then I can calm down and not worry about the other stuff...the most important thing is her room. So anybody who isn't doing anything, and is a skilled handy(wo)man let us know... We could use your help coming up :)

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