Monday, August 18, 2008


Nick ran in the derby Friday night (at the Delaware County Fair). He was running for his cousin Dale who was unable to due to a lawn mowing accident which left him missing 3/4 of his big toe on one foot. He's still healing up, and asked Nick to run.

Nick was all excited and pumped up. He was in the 4th heat of the derby and I was in the stands watching from the beginning. The very first heat of the night someone had to be CUT OUT OF THE CAR!!! I was trying to remain calm, and control my emotions. I had tears in my eyes, but was trying to hide them from mom *not sure if she saw*. The guy was ok after all, just had some whiplash.

Finally Nick's heat was up and he was doing sooo good. I mean hitting people hard, and then he started to come down towards my end to show off for me and was hit in the front end. The hit left him stuck there and his car wouldn't start. We later found out that reason the car wouldn't start was because the battery cables were knocked loose because the kid who helped him and Dale get the car ready only taped them together instead of bolting them.

Nick came and found us in the stands after his heat ended and was of course upset that his car crapped out on him, but still bragging about his few good hits he did manage to get in.

So I guess this means we'll be looking for a car for next year's derby, because he is now hooked.

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