Sunday, October 26, 2008

Calla Nickole

The nurses cleaned her up and placed her to snuggle with me. Then she was placed under a heat lamp to help keep her temperature up. She had to stay under the heat lamp for 4 readings of a good temperature in 24 hours before she could be allowed to not use it anymore. She was only allowed to be out from under it for feedings. Once she graduated from the heat lamp she was placed in the isolette (incubator). Once again she could only come out for feedings and quick visits until the nurses/dr got 4 good temperatures within 24 hours. She passed that and then moved into the crib.

She was able to stay with me in the room for the whole time, which really made me happy.

I was discharged on Wednesday, but the hospital let me stay as a border until Thursday. Thursday I had to leave because they a lot of scheduled births for that day. I stayed at the Danielle House and Call stayed in the nursery. I would walk over from the house every two hours to feed her (even in the middle of the night). Every time I walked over someone would be holding her or have her right by their side. She had them wrapped around her very little fingers.

Friday I walked over at 8am for her feeding and the nurse looked at me and smiled big. She said "I was just looking for your cell phone number; Calla is discharged. You can take her home." I was soooo happy! We still needed to get things so I asked if I could run to Target really quick while they got everything ready, and it was fine. I picked up some preemie onesie shirts and a little bunting for her to come home in, among the other needed stuff.

Back at the hospital I got her all dressed in her coming home clothes (a onesie shirt). We tried the outfit we had originally brought, but it was WAY too big. And the preemie outfit that Gramma Conklin bought was even too big; so we just went with the shirt. We waited for the picture lady to come, and had her picture taken. She was sleepy so it was hard to get one with her eyes open, but we did. It's really cute. You should be able to view it at and click "our babies" on the right side. I know it isn't up yet, but it should be any day now.

I brought our little Calla bug home, and she has been doing great. The dogs are really good with her. Hoakie is very protective of her. He will follow me around when I have her, or just sit by where she is.

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