Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crib & Baby's Room

Everything is starting to come together:) I am so excited!! (And Nick- he is too). Saturday we went and picked up the crib. We brought it home and torn open the box to put it together, but couldn't find the instructions.....So I call up Sears and talk to them. They direct me to managemyhome.com and tell me to put in the item number, and so I do. NOTHING! Then of course I call back Sears and talk to a different lady who tells me there really is nothing she can do if that website doesn't have anything for it. Annoyed now, I decide to let it go for the night and just relax because I'm exhausted from the day (we had a wedding to go to earlier). Sunday comes and I am on the internet looking up stuff for school and just bumming around while Nick and Austin are hard at work cutting firewood. Then Monday (no school-Columbus Day) I am like I have to get the one bedroom organized and our stuff put away so that I can move the baby items that don't need to be the room out. So I do that and then I am like let me check for the instructions on the mattress holder thing. I got this idea from the internet (thank you fixya.com). LOW AND BEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The instructions were right there the whole time. Well...they were INSIDE an envelope that had the mattress warning printed on it. Disguised!!!!! Long story short... I put the crib together yesterday:) It is so cute. I can't wait to get the bedding to go in it.

So once that was together I moved the swing out, the carseat and stroller, the pack-n-play, organized the bathroom cabinet with all the bath/baby supplies, hung up shelves, organized the blankets we have, and organized the clothes(yet again). It feels so much better, and is starting to look like a baby's room. Next I have to measure the blinds for new ones and finish up decorating the walls (decals & signs). Once that's all done I'll have to take some pictures.

OH! and I'm so excited... So the light for the room has to be a plug in, but is connected to a wall switch. Nick and I were talking last night I said how cute would it be to get a chandelier? Then my butt got online and searched for a hanging plug-in chandelier...and I found one. We'll probably get it, but not sure when. Maybe I can con mom into buying it for us ;)

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