Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was a little bored tonight, and thought hey I'll google my name. This is something I've done many times before as "Crystal (maiden name)", but never as "Crystal (married name)". I type it into the search bar, hit enter, and WHAM! This is the first thing that shows up...

"Crystal (married name) Kills Her Two-Year-Old Son - Battered from “Head ...Apr 19, 2008 ... In Warren, Michigan, Crystal (married name), 27, is under trial for killing her two- year-old son, Sean Sowards. The [doctor] who testified against ..."

OMG! Then there are others about Crystal (married name)and child abuse. I was shocked, and whoa'd. It's scary to think that if someone searches my name that this would pop up, even though it is NOT me. What if a potential employer(not local) searched my name and this came up... I bet some eyebrows would be raised....and some questions would be asked.

I am glad that I searched it, and I am aware that it is out there. At least I'll have an idea if someone randomly mentions it. your name! What's on you????

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