Friday, October 17, 2008

New Ultrasound Pictures!!!

Yesterday we went to the doctor's and had our final ultrasound done. It was to check my placenta, which looks good.There are two lobes to it, and so we just have to make sure that the midwife/doctor gets them both out after the labor. But we got to see our little girl. She is nestled into my pelvic area already so it was hard to get some good always with this little one. ;) We did have a fun time though. We saw her face, arms, legs, heart, belly, FOOT (so cute!). The pictures we have are the best that we could get. I labeled them so that it would be a little easier for you to determine what is what. (Your welcome) We saw that she has chubby cheeks and daddy's chin (dimpled). I can't wait to see her outside my belly :) Nick and I were all smiles yesterday during the ultrasound. She's amazing. Enough bragging and gushing....

So there she is...our baby girl :) I can't believe how long her hair is though! I'm not sure how much hair is on her head, but we should be able to do a comb-over with that length ;)
The doctor said that everything is looking great. She is measuring at about 5lbs 5oz which will mean she'll be around an 8lb baby. Any guesses on exact weight and date???

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