Friday, December 26, 2008

Day after Christmas = Demolition?

That's right! The day after Christmas and we started doing some "remodeling" around the house. We took down the top cabinets to open up the house a little more and revamped the pantry. Now with this done we have to finish painting the walls for the living room and paint the kitchen. Then it is onto new counter tops and refinishing the floors. I'm not sure that is the order it is going to happen in. I would definitely like the floors refinished before Calla starts crawling though.

Oh- and I almost forgot, we moved the TV into the family room because it's bigger. BUT we had to move it back because of the way the dish is set up. We can't put it in there unless we get another HDTV for the living room due to the hook up. (If it doesn't hook up into HDTV then no other TV works because of the break in circuit) So that's on our list too. We are moving the TV because the family room is bigger, and when Calla gets older the living room can be her "play room" and she can use the cabinets for her toys so they aren't out all over the place. Good thinking huh? But we still have time for this item on the to-do list.

I'll post pictures as we get done with things.

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