Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Snow Snow!

Thursday we were told that we were going to be hit by a big snow storm on Friday around noon. I had school even though 3 out of the 7 schools were closed and of the 4 schools open 3 were closing early. I get to school and find out that the 1 school that was holding out has decided to join the bandwagon and close early too. We all left at 11:30. It had already started snowing at about 11 and the roads were pretty bad. It was falling down very fast. The main roads were plowed, but when I got to Chase Brook and the Mountain they weren't. I just said my little prayer and crawled up the mountain. I wasn't done yet though; I still had to pick up Calla down in Centerville. I drove all the way down to Centerville. The ONLY road that was plowed was Rt.30, and Jen said that the trucks JUST went through. I headed back home and yay! my lane was plowed (the other wasn't). When we got home we just spent the day snuggling, playing, and watching the snow fall! We got a TON!!!!!!!!! :)

Then yesterday we had a break from the snow and went over to Gramma & Poppy Conklin's for a visit. After that we stopped down to Grandma Trask's to pick up our pictures. Then we came home and went to bed.

Calla and I (Crystal) got out of bed at 7 this morning and already the snow had started in. (We were supposed to get another storm today) The storm had started. It is now 1:30ish and the snow stopped falling about 1 hour ago. We had a constant stream of big, fat, pretty snowflakes falling for those 5 hours. We have A LOT of snow. This makes me wish that Calla was a LITTLE bigger so that we could go on snowmobiles, go sledding, etc. Next year :) I think I am going to see if Jen wants to bring the boys up tomorrow to go sledding down the hill in the front lawn and stay for dinner. I think Chili sounds good on a sledding day :)

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