Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Party

Nick had his Christmas party on Saturday for his work. He was really reluctant to go, but knew that he had to. So we took Calla to Pat & Terry's for the night and headed up. I listened to Nick complain all day about not wanting to go and blah blah blah. He tells his parents that we will be back by 9 at the latest (the party started at 6), and that was fine by me because I didn't want to leave Calla! We get to the party and Nick starts drinking and having fun. Before I know it Nick has had too much to drink and is feeling a little tipsy, okay a LOT tipsy! This is the very first time I have seen Nick drunk in the whole 8 1/2 years we have been together! He usually doesn't get drunk. Heck he rarely drinks, and when he does it is only 1 or 2! Oh what a Nick it was. You think he is mouthy when he is sober...he's even more mouthy (in a good/funny way). 9pm came and went. Then I asked Nick if we could leave at 10:30 (I really wanted to get home to Calla) and he was like "I'm PR'in it". So finally at 11:30 I asked again (I didn't want to nag, because he was having a good time)and yay! we got to leave! (partially because he was getting annoyed with someone running their mouth nonstop about aggravating stuff). It was 1 hour back to Pat & Terry's and then another 45 min to the house (because we went out of our way to drop Calla off)! I was exhausted from driving when we got home. It was a good time though for both drunk Nick and sober Crystal :). Next year might even be better because we can maybe stay longer with Calla being older.

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