Monday, January 26, 2009


Guess what! We made it to church on Sunday! Yay for us :) I thought we were going to be late because we woke up late, but we made it on time! The service was nice, and afterwards Nick and I talked about somethings. We went to the Baptist church in Hancock because that's where Jen & Heath go. I think we will give it a couple more tries to see if it really fits us. I am thinking that we will probably hop around a little before we find out that we are comfortable with. If it doesn't "fit" then I think we will try Readburn Assembly of God. We'll see what happens!

I just wish church wasn't on Sunday. Let me explain...I am excited about the next church day, but not excited about it being Monday in a few short hours! I'm sure that sounds crazy, but I am crazy so it's ok. :)

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