Friday, January 23, 2009


I have a big case of TGIF! Even though this was a short week (we had Monday off) it has been a more than stressful week. We finally found a place that sold the blower we need, but it costs $316. Then we find out that we have to drop another $300 into buying a salamandor-> this story will remain anonymous as to why. So the money that we were going to buy the blower with went to the salamandor, because we HAD to buy the salamandor. But besides the craziness of everyone wanting money...

It wasn't a great week for school either. The students are on a racial/prejudice kick, and it is frustrating/exhausting! Trying to combat it and teach tolerance seems impossible. Hopefully things will get better with this.

Today I was pulled over by a DEP cop. It was the same one that pulled us over a couple of weeks ago. He realized who it was after he had me pulled over and just talked to me about what was going on. I also asked him what you have to do to become a DEP cop, and he told me. He let me go without a ticket and some useful advice! Hopefully we can get it fixed soon!!!!!!

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