Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year No Water

What a way to ring in the New Year- without water! That's right; this morning we woke up went to turn the water on and nothing came out. It was so cold outside last night that it froze the water. Marvelous! Especially when we had plans to go to Binghamton today. What did we do? Well of course we lounged around the house all day hoping the temperature would get warm enough to get the water unfroze. We sure do stink tonight, hopefully it will happen tomorrow! JUST JOKING!!! We called up Uncle Richard and asked if we could borrow his salamander. Nick unfroze the water, and we got ready for Binghamton.

We had a late start due to the whole water thing, but we made it. I didn't really think that New Year's Day would really effect the time the stores were open. Nick kept telling me it would be a problem, but I was like no.... Well guess who was right, Nick! We made it to Wal*Mart, Target, Babies R Us, and the Mall. We got to the mall at 5:30 only to find out it was closing at 6. Boy was that fun. We just wanted to use our gift cards up. Me especially. I wanted to get score some new jeans and some sweaters. Nice clothes I can wear to work...I managed to scrounge 2 jeans (1 I'm not sure will fit), but not sweaters. Maybe I'll run up this weekend or something; I still need to return my hospital pump. :0 !

It's cold again tonight, but we are leaving the water running just a little bit. HOPEFULLY it won't freeze again. It wasn't that big of a deal- just a pain in the tush. It does make me wonder what that means for the rest of the year to come, if we started it out like this.

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