Thursday, February 19, 2009


We (Calla and I) took a trip down to Jersey on Wednesday. I had planned on coming home Wednesday night, but because of the weather Nick thought it would be best for me to stay the night, and my Edwards family didn't mind either. We had a really great time yesterday and today before I left. On my way home I felt like crying. I was just so upset about leaving. I love being down there and around them. I talked to them about maybe moving down there, but I first have to convince Nick of that. We are going to pray on it and let things go from there. I know that there are some things that we would have to take care of first before we are able to go down there, but I REALLY REALLY would like it and think it would be best for us.

On Sue's recommendation I am going to have Nick go down with me for a couple days sometime to get a feel for things down there. We'll see what happens....


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