Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beggers can't be choosers...obviously

I have been wanting to cut my hair since I was about 6 months pregnant, but never got around to it or had all the courage. Well... Yesterday (Friday) I was driving to work and thought, "Hmm..I'll call and see how much it is for Cosmetology to cut my hair" well I called them up and they said it was free. I was like ALRIGHT! I'm doing it. I had the picture of the haircut I wanted and went down during my free period to get it cut. I knew the risk involved: students learning to cut hair cutting my hair, but we reassured that the teacher would be by whoever's side helping the whole time.

I walk down show my picture and get a lot of oooo's and ahhh's. I am introduced to my hairdresser-in-the-making. It is a lady I have seen many times in the hallway walking her granddaughter to the childcare. So tells me that I have to remove my glasses for the cut, which I so hesitantly do. I take them off and the cutting begins. Snip, snip, cut, cut. Before I know it I am done, and put my glasses back on.....Not like the picture, but I can work it cute. I go home and show Nick (who didn't know I was cutting it) and he FLIPS!!! He says the front is cute, but the back is AWFUL! I look at the back and it is interesting. I tell him it will look better after I can style it and stuff, because she didn't even style it just blow-dried it and straightened it.

This morning I got up and ready to start the day. I did my hair and it doesn't look that bad. I can work this cut. I do think that I will go in on Monday and have them trim up the back though. I'm sure you're like WHAT?! After they messed up? Well yes. I'm not going to pay for someone to just cut the back of my hair which is maybe 1 inch. Yes, I'm cheap.

So although it doesn't look like the picture, it is good enough for being a free cut. I think if I had my glasses on I could have interrupted a bit before it became what it is. (Not that it is bad though)

I'll post some pictures once I find our camera!!! (I lost it :0!!!)

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