Monday, March 23, 2009

I knew better...

At the beginning of the year I was warned of the many things the students will do. I was told never to bring in anything valuable, leave anything lying around, and always lock my doors. Well I didn't listen. I mean I have gone 25 weeks without any problems and left my cell phone laying around while it charges and nothing. Luck has run out! I was keeping my cell phone in my desk in the center drawer. Two weeks ago I went to get it and it was gone! I couldn't believe it. Knowing myself all to well, I had to be absolutely sure I didn't misplace it. I checked the truck, Nick's car, my car, the house, coats, bags, etc. It is GONE! I hate to say it, but one of the students jacked it. This really disappoints me. Needless to say I have learned not to let the students sit at my desk at ANY time and of course not to trust them too much.

So there is where I'm at. I didn't have the insurance on my phone because I always take care of it. There is insurance on everybody else's phone except mine! lol. Sooo what that means is I find the person who stole my phone (which I have sent out my spies)! If that doesn't pan out, then I did buy a phone on eBay; it just has to arrive. I feel a little paranoid without my phone. I don't use it that often because of the lack of service around here, but I feel like if something were to happen (with driving or anything) it would be now when I would need my phone. lol.

I just hope the person who stole my phone didn't jack it, sell it for just enough to buy some cheap drugs because well....THAT'S LAME! (but probably the reality)

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