Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What A Day...

Today was quite a day for a number of reasons. We'll go in order of how we found out/things went.

First off it's my father's 44th birthday. I can't believe it'll be 11 years in September since he passed away. I try to think about what he would be like at 44, but I honestly can't even imagine it. I'd like to think that he is watching down and over us, proud of all that I've accomplished. I know that he'd be so happy to be a grandpa to our little beauty. It saddens my heart knowing that Calla won't know her Grandpa, only through what we can tell her about him. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you.

Next.. Today a good friend of mine, I should say more like family, lost her baby. She was 17 weeks pregnant. Her husband and her already have 2 beautiful children. Baby Noah was taken early from them and now baby Jack will join his brother in Heaven. Our hearts go out to you Gwynne's. We hope you enjoy the meals we are sending to help out. We love you.

Finally.. Nick's childhood dog, Chewy, was put to sleep today. He has been losing weight recently and had a bump on his leg. He was whining today so Nick's parents took him to the vet. Nick is doing pretty good with it because he knows he needed it. I think it might hit him a little harder the next time we go to his parent's house and Chewy isn't there. :( He was a good dog, made lots of beautiful babies which continue to keep his legacy alive. We'll miss you Chew!

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