Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yard Sales!!!

Yesterday Nick and I went to the Appalachian annual yard sales. It was our first time going, and we had a good time. We went to get as much for Calla as we could, and of course pick things up for ourselves too. Well we did ok with getting things for Calla. We had a hard time finding baby girl clothes...everyone had baby boy clothes! We did find some awesome deals on toys though. We came home with a walk behind toy ($3), a bounce and spin zebra ($10), a stand and play toy ($5), two  sesame street toys & a baby Einstein light toy ($12), a large cloth developmental block ($1), a HUGE set of Pooh books ($4), a 18 Mickey/Minnie Mouse Baby books (18 cents), a pottery barn pink & green rug for Calla's room ($15), more books ($2), 2 winter coats ($4), 12 & 18 month clothes ($20). And I think that's everything. We think we got some GOOOOD deals and are happy with our purchases! Next year though, we are getting up earlier and heading out so we can get FIRST PICK!!! I can't wait for this weekend....Memorial Day weekend aka YARD SALE WEEKEND!!! :)

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