Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hardwood Floors

This past week Nick took off Thursday and Friday and had this Monday off for Memorial Day. We thought it we be a good time to refinish the hardwood floors, especially now that Calla will be crawling around very soon. So he sanded the floors down on Thursday, went to Corning, NY on Friday to pick up a treadmill I won on eBay for $79.50 and when he got back stained the floors. Then on Saturday he did one coat of polyurethane and on Sunday one coat. He could have done the second coat on Sunday, but he didn't want to because it was getting cold out, which would mean that Calla would be in the house with the smell. Monday we moved everything back to where it belonged and wah-lah we have NEW floors and a NEW look for the house! They look sooo much better, and really weren't that much work to do. Check out the pictures of the before, sanded, and finished!
 A before shot- taken before the walls were painted too. You can see where the floors were worn right down to the wood and needed refinishing badly.

The floors all sanded down. Looking good!!
All finished!! Beautiful job!!

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