Thursday, July 30, 2009

<3 Nick <3

The darling husband that I have is always scheming for a deal and how to flip it. Bless his heart and ambition. So awhile back he got his hands on an outdoor wood furnace that had a leak in the water reserve (that's what I'm calling it bc I'm not sure what it is really called). The darn thing sat in the driveway for over a good month before he was able to start working at fixing it. Finally he started fixing it which entailed tearing it apart, welding it up, and putting it back together. The driveway was a full blown MESS for about 2 weeks. There was insulation pieces all over, scrap metal, THE WOOD FURNACE... I do have to give him credit for his placement in the driveway though, because it caught a lot of people's attention. There were a few people driving up in the driveway to look at it and ask me about it (bc it was during the day and I was the only one home). I politely answered their questions to the best of my ability ("My husband's cell is xxx-xxxx. Give him a call" lol). Wouldn't you know they did and one of those curious people ended up buying it? They are still yet to pick it up and pay the second half of the payment for it. (We took money and a tri-axle load of wood. Still waiting on the wood). Anyways the real reason I shared this was because I took some photos of Nick while he was finishing up the stove that I'd thought I'd share because I am proud of him.
Oh the many, many, uses of the Rhino.
Like the sparks that flew when we met. (hahahahaha ...that's so lame)
Hey Mr. Hubba Hubba ;)

I probably should disclose that from Nick's need to "flip" things we have a minivan sitting at our house. It's in really good condition. Any takers??? We also have a wetsaw as of yesterday. Oh! and an antique high chair/booster chair as of the day before yesterday. What will today bring??!!

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