Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Independence Day more like Dependence Day!

Our July 4th was very eventful in terms of health. Calla was running a fever since the day before. We were working on managing it and keeping it down. So every couple of hours we would drug her up with medicine. She was quite pleasant about the whole thing, thankfully.

I got the genius idea to clean out the spare bedroom and make it, um...a spare bedroom! You see it has been our "collect-all" room mostly for Calla's things, but none the less it was driving me INSANE!! I hauled out all the things in the room and then it started happening... My eyes were doing this weird thing where they were flashing squigglies wherever I looked and I started feeling dizzy. I told Nick that I couldn't do any more and grabbed a pillow to lie down on the floor with. I started getting a HORRIBLE headache. It was a throbbing pain above my eye. It continued to worsen. Nick had me take some migraine medicine and go lie in bed. It didn't help. So a couple hours later I hopped into the bath because I had a gut feeling it would help, and it did. For a little while at least. When I got out of the tub it started back up again. I took more medicine and still no relief. Finally I got up walked around and started bawling my eyes out because I felt so strange! I was dizzy, my head hurt, and whenever I stood I felt like vomiting. Nick said we should go to the hospital, and so we got ready and headed out. On our way we pulled over so I could throw up a couple of times. Wouldn't you know? I started feeling better!!!! Instead of going to the hospital we went to CVS and got some pepto for my upset stomach that I now had. We returned home and I rested for a bit before starting night duty with Calla.

That night Calla was energized to the max. I don't think I have ever heard of or seen a child that gets energized from a fever except for her! She wouldn't go to sleep for anything! I don't mean that she was cranky and miserable, oh no...just the opposite. She was wide awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Finally around 1 she fell asleep. I was exhausted!

Thank goodness for Nick! He took care of both us. :)

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