Monday, August 24, 2009


My poor, poor neglected blog! I feel terrible for allowing such neglect to occur, but it happened. I can't promise it won't again because let's face it... it probably will. Let's just hope that the next time doesn't happen for awhile and that it isn't for as long. So here's the happening of the happening...

I finally completed my application for grad school and submitted it. All things that I had physical control over were done and it was the day of the deadline and I hadn't heard from the college that they received my transcript so I was freaking. I called up the good man Jerry, who is in charge of my application, freaking out and he reassured me they had it, but he didn't send an email because he didn't know; he was on vaca for two weeks. Whewww! Now I'm just waiting to hear those beautiful words "You're accepted." And again Jerry has reassured me that it might be only a couple days before classes start (Aug 31) and not to worry I'll be fine.

This past week Nick's brother's family was visiting from Arizona. We spent most of the week over to his parent's house where they were staying. It was with them that we went to NYC with. We went to the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Times Square. It would have been nice to squeeze in a couple more stops, but we didn't really have a plan going down and spent a lot of time just walking around figuring out what to do next. lol. Next time we'll have a plan. I think Nick, Calla, and I might take a trip down in the winter. The family came over here on Thursday for a BBQ and so the boys could be boys and ride the 4wheelers. Each time they came back from a ride they were dirtier than the last. Boys will be boys. Sadly they had to return back to AZ on Sunday. We said our goodbyes and the headed off to the Albany airport. I am thinking we might try to go out in April during my April break...if they'll have us that is.

Ohhhh! Coming back from visiting the inlaws one night we were pulled over! Calla had just fallen asleep and I was furious about how ridiculous the situation was. So the lady shines the bright light in the back window directly on Calla, the red and blue light reflections are dancing off Calla's face and the woman walks up to the window. She pulled us over because of snow tires. We were supposed to have them off in April. NO DUH!! Then she shines the flashlight in on Calla. She's still sleeping, thank goodness. The whole time I'm thinking to myself that if she wakes Calla up, I am going to FLIP out! She comes back with a ticket, of course! Luckily it was a fix it ticket. If we fix the problem (aka put regular tires on), mark not guilty and mail it in by Sept 15 or something, then it will be dismissed. But seriously? With fair week going on you're going to pull me over because of stupid snow tires when there are drunkards driving around threatening the lives of people?! THANK YOU OFFICER!

I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by. Err... let me say this month has gone by. July went by at a good speed, but August is flying! Only a few weeks away from school starting, I find myself thinking that I should start going in to get the room ready. So that's what is happening tomorrow. Calla and I are heading to boces to try and get some work done....and probably play on the playground . :)

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