Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dolls and Ball

Here's what I have been doing this summer besides soaking up the love of the baby girl and looking for things to make...

Lulu. Calla's first handmade doll (and the first one I ever made). Naked because I am going to make a pillowcase dress for her. (I just have to get some ribbon!)
Blossom and Morgan's birthday doll. Morgan's doll is the second one I made and then I enlarged the pattern and made Blossom (Calla's big girl doll).

The man doll aka macho cowboy. I thought that Calla should have a boy doll to go with her girl dolls and made up my own pattern. He came out a little funny looking, but I LOVE his muscle showing arms. lol. I think I will work on another boy doll and make the legs more like the girls because he looks like he has been riding a horse for the past 800 years.

Grab ball. Very cool I might add! I have decided that this will be one of the things I make for expecting mommas or presents.

I have a big list of things that I want to make, and have an "order" for a doll but am waiting to go to the store for fill and yarn so that I can finish it and ship it out to her. I'm excited and nervous about the yarn hair though. I'll post pictures when I get it done.

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