Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grad School Delay

I have been waiting and waiting to hear from the grad school about how I get started and finally I received this email on the 27th of August. (Classes start the 31st)


I am writing to explain why you have not received word concerning your final admission decision into the Online MED Alternative Education Program. At this time every seat in the program is full and several classes are overloaded. The faculty chairman is working with the instructors and the Dean of the College of Education and Human services to determine if we can take additional students on an overload basis or if we can add an additional class to the fall schedule.

Until that has been determined has been made your admissions decision can not be completed. At worst you may have to wait until the spring semester to begin classes. The faculty chair is aware of your situation and the lateness of his admissions decision. If space is made available the university will be very accommodating on students that enter the program later next week.

In addition to you, seven other students have completed the admissions process and are waiting on a final admissions decision. Before the admission decision is made we must know that we can place you in the proper class. The faculty, staff and I are doing everything we can to accommodate our new applicants for the Online MED Alternative Education Program.

I wish I had concrete information to provide you but I do not. As soon as I am made aware of your options I will communicate them to you.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and if I can be of any service to you, do not hesitate to contact me.

Jerry S. Falco
Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions

Great isn't it? Not really. After all the anxiety about starting college again I finally got over it and was looking forward to it. So now what? If I have to wait until spring, then am I going to be freaking out again?! I doubt it, but the point is that I was/am ready to start now!!! I am waiting on that follow up email to tell me what is going on. Hopefully it will be soon...

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